How to set up an existing AOL account on a new computer

Emails have become an integrated subject in the web of life. Humans rely a lot on emails to get their job done. Through this people exchange ideas, communicate with each other, share pictures etc. Without emails, the task of relaying messages and important files and document will be very challenging and life as we know it will become more hectic. There are a lot of emails service providers in the world and among these, AOL is one of the top service providers in the world. And through this, they also offer email services to their customers. Is not complicated to handle and comes with a lot of amazing features and benefits. For more information on AOL email, you can contact AOL customer care number which is available to customers throughout the day.

Setting up of AOL email account is not a hard task to do. But when it comes to setting up an existing account on a new computer, there has been some request for help. So if you want to know how to set up an existing account on a new computer, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • In the new computer, log in as administrator and insert the CD which contains the AOL software.
  • If the set up does not start automatically, click ‘start’ and go to ‘my computer’. Click on the CD drive and open the file containing the software.
  • Click on ‘current member click here’.
  • Select the option ‘adding your existing account to this computer’ and to proceed click on ‘next click here’.
  • If you would like to install the software in a folder other than ‘program files’ then click on the ‘browse button’ under ‘select destination directory’.
  • Wait for the software to get installed and the setup process to complete. When prompted, enter your existing AOL username and password.
  • Remove your CD after the setup is complete and restart your computer.

These are the steps which are essential for setting up your existing AOL account in a new computer. If you want any additional help you can call AOL customer support number which is open 24 hours a day and it is toll-free.